Lesson 300


300. โ€œOnly an instant does this world endure.โ€

This is the [a] thought that [which] can be used to say that death and sorrow are the certain lot of all who come here. For their joys are gone before they are possessed, or even grasped. If [Yet] this is also the idea that [which] lets no false perception keep you [us] in its hold, nor represent[s] nor [more] than a passing cloud of upon a sky eternally serene. And it is this serenity we seek, unclouded, obvious and sure, today.

โ€œWe seek Your holy world today. For we, Your loving Sons, have lost our way a while. But we have listened to Your Voice, and learned exactly what to do to be restored to Heaven and our true Identity. And we give thanks today the world endures but for an instant. We would go beyond that tiny instant to eternity.โ€


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